Blue Diamond Hand-Tooled Leather Tote Front
Blue Diamond Hand-tooled Leather Tote Back

Gray Canvas and Leather Trim, Diamond Pattern Tote, Back Zipper Pocket, 11" Shoulder Straps - Myra

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Gray canvas, blue diamond pattern tote, zipper back pocket. hand-tooled leather trim, 11" leather shoulder straps. Inside 2 pockets and one zipper compartment.

  • Recycled from canvas, rug, and leather.
  • 11" leather shoulder straps.
  • Large size tote or overnight bag.
  • 2 inside pockets and 1 zipper compartment.
  • Blue and cream diamond pattern. 
  • Hand-tooled leather trim on the bottom.
  • 2 hand-tooled leather front pockets.
  • Brass keyring.

Dimensions: 17(W)x14.5(H)x4.25(D)