Pistachio Ornament Crossbody Front
Pistachio Ornament Crossbody Back

Pistachio Ornament Pattern Crossbody, Oil Rubbed Leather, 22" Leather Shoulder Strap - Myra

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Pistachio ornament pattern crossbody, zipper back pocket. oi rubbed leather, cowhide, 22" leather adjustable shoulder strap. 2 pockets, and a zipper compartment.

  • Recycled from canvas, rug, cowhide, and oil-rubbed leather.
  • 22" leather adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 11.5 oil rubbed shoulder straps.
  • 2 inside pockets and 1 zipper compartment.
  • Tan canvas back.
  • Oil rubbed leather flap with concha.
  • Leather fold-over snap closure.
  • Zippered back compartment.
  • Cowhide on each corner.
  • Ornament pattern,

Dimensions: 15(W)x14(H)x4(D)