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Spiritual Weekender Back

Mustard Canvas, Cross Pattern Weekender, Oil Rubbed Leather, 12" Oil Rubbed Leather Straps – Myra

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Mustard canvas, spiritual cross pattern weekender, 12" leather shoulder straps, leather trim, and leather snap closure. Perfect as a weekender bag or carry on.

  • Recycled from canvas, and oil rubbed leather.
  • 12" Flat oil rubbed leather shoulder straps.
  • 2 inside pockets and 1 zipper compartment.
  • Oil rubbed leather bottom trim.
  • Oil rubbed leather strap closure.
  • Back zippered pocket.
  • Spiritual cross patterns. 
  • Side Pocket.
  • Brass keyring.

 Dimensions: 20(W)x16(H)x98(D)